Monday, August 26, 2013

Floods in Brazil


Because of the rain since Friday, the four rivers Sinos, Gravatai, Cai and Jacui are receiving too much water, and this water will arrive in Guaiba Lake (Porto Alegre lies on the southern edge of the lake, in southern Brazil). People along the rivers and living on the islands are getting ready for floods. Please include this worsening situation in your prayers. Thank you!

In a report in Hurriyet News, landslides and floods caused by heavy rain have already killed at least 59 people and forced more than 43,000 from their homes in southern Brazil.

Porto Alegre seen from Guaiba Lake
Please pray for the people of Brazil - those preparing for floods about to come, those already devastated by floods in southern Brazil, and for emergency workers as they provide practical assistance to those in need.

Compassionate God, source of all comfort,
We pray for the people whose lives have been devastated by rain and flood.
Grant them comfort, we pray.
May the vulnerable be protected.
May the weak be strengthened.
May the spread of disease  be halted. 
Have mercy on all those working to rescue the stranded and to feed the hungry.
And may our response to their suffering be generous and bring you praise.
For we ask it in Jesus Name, Amen.
(UK Christian Aid prayer, adapted)

(And there are news reports of devastating floods in China, and - incredibly - in the Sudan where 48 people have been killed and more than 500,000 affected by the worst floods in Sudan in quarter of a century. The region around the capital, Khartoum, was particularly badly hit, with at least 15,000 homes destroyed and thousands of others damaged. Across Sudan, at least 25,000 homes are no longer habitable. A UN official described the situation as a disaster.The flooding, caused by continuous rains, has damaged public buildings, including schools, clinics, offices, shops, markets and water and sanitation facilities. Roads have been inundated, disrupting transport).

Constant rain and flooding in Brazil

People in southern Brazil fleeing the floods by boat

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