Saturday, September 14, 2013

Peace pole installation and edible fruit garden

Today my colleague Jana and I, with a few willing helpers, installed the peace pole at the front of Pilgrim Uniting Church. The pole has the words 'May peace prevail on earth' in English, in Kaurna (language of the Aboriginal people of the Adelaide Plains), Dinka (the language of the people of South Sudan - Pilgrim has a relationship with the Dinka speaking congregation in the Uniting Church) and Tagalog (Pilgrim is developing a partnership with Middle Luzon Jurisdiction, United Church of Christ in the Philippines). The peace pole is a great statement about peace being what we all seek as a global community, no matter what language we speak or where we come from. Especially pertinent with the escalated concerns in Syria, the fighting in southern Philippines and the ongoing unrest in so many countries of the world. We planted rosemary and lavender around the peace pole as symbols of peace.
One of our morning congregations will gather round the peace pole as part of the service tomorrow, to offer prayers for peace.
Rev Jana Norman & Matilda
While we were at it today, we also installed four raised garden beds, each with a citrus tree (lemon, mandarin, orange, lime) and added spring flowers and basil plants. A tremendous effort but so pleased with the results. You can check out more photos on our Facebook page (Pilgrim Uniting Church) but here's a sample.
rosemary, a symbol of healing
Rev Jana Norman & Rev Paul Turley

Archie waters the flowers

peace pole: may peace prevail on earth
the dwarf lemon tree and seedlings

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