Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DACE retreat and AGM this week

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DACE (English Association of Anglican Deacons) gather for a retreat this week, 23rd-24th January in Oxford. Sr.Ulrike Kellner, who has served as Secretary for World DIAKONIA for many years, has been asked to lead the retreat. Please pray for Ulrike and DACE Deacons as they gather together, that they may be refreshed in the presence of God and each other, and encouraged in their ministry.
On 25th January, the DACE AGM will be held when the revised constitution will be proposed for adoption, and many other matters discussed which affect the missional priorities and practices of diaconal ministers.

An affirmation of the people of faith
We believe in one God:
     Creator, Son and Holy Spirit,
     the Beyond in our midst,
     creating, sustaining, restoring,
     revealing, calling, strengthening.

We believe in Jesus Christ who brings salvation to all:
     fullness of life to those who trust,
     strength to all who call,
     an open door to all who knock,
     love to all who dare to love.

We believe in the Holy Spirit of God:
     the living presence in every open life,
     the healing stream for every wound,
     holy comforter to all who mourn,
     the guide for those who lose their way. 

We are the body of Christ:
     we will be his hands and feet,
     together we will be a community of love,
     we bond ourselves with those in need.
     The Spirit is with us. be it.

(Gemmel Sherwood, Uniting Church in Australia)

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