Saturday, March 1, 2014

Methodist Diaconal Order Annual Convocation

The Annual Convocation for the Methodist Diaconal Order begins on 6th March. Deacons belong to an ordained ministry of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa. Their ministry may include working in a pastoral context in a Society or Circuit, or, working in secular employment e.g. education, health care, welfare and social upliftment organizations. Deacons seek to be Christ’s servants in the world and encourage the Church community to a ministry of servanthood. Apart from local pastoral ministry or church planting projects some practical aspects of service that the Order of Deacons could engage in are: poverty alleviation; care for the sick and dying; care for the aged or youth; evangelism and mission outreach; and parachurch organisations.

The annual Convocation of the Order includes the Presiding Bishop (President of the Order), the Executive Secretary, the Warden, members of the Order and probationers.

Vernon Henry Van Wyk will be among those gathering for the Convocation and we look forward to news and  photos. We pray a blessing on the gathering of diaconal ministry agents.

A prayer at the beginning of things
Endlessly loving One,
your sign after flood was a rainbow
arched in radiant care for 'all living creatures';
Your sign on Sinai was refusal to be bound by any name except 'Watch what I am doing!'
Your sign in the exile was a call to look out for 'new things' never witnessed before;
and your sign in its fullness was a choice to take on flesh as your own.
Always, always, loving One,
You are making new beginnings we could never predict.
Teach us to be ready,
to watch well,
to see you
in a wholeness that breaks through all walls
and draws us to yourself
in unashamed delight.
Through your Beloved, hear our prayer. Amen.
(Rev Dr Lee Levett-Olson)

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