Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Celebrating 40 years

On 1 March 2016, Sister Dorien Peet is celebrating 40 years as a Deaconess. What a wonderful ministry! Before that, she was years working as a nurse in different hospitals. 

She says: "During training in Rotterdam a colleague pushed an evangelistic leaflet under my door every month, but I immediately threw in the trash. This person was a deaconess. She asked me to come to an Advent Conference in Amerongen. I was very impressed with the atmosphere and the way the sisters spoke of God, from a personal relationship. In January 1971 a word from Matthew 17 really appealed to me: "And Jesus came to them and touched them." It was at that time it happened to me. That become the big turnaround. Yet it still took five years before I entered the diaconate. When I had finally taken the decision, I felt a tremendous peace. " 

From the time in Wanningstraat in Amsterdam, she has fond memories: "We had an elderly guest who did much with child evangelism and I was in the district nursing. You came across the most interesting people. I remember an 84-year-old woman who wanted me to stay with her as she sat in the bath. We talked about everything, even about faith. Eventually she made a choice for God." 

Sr. Dorien worked six years at the deaconesses community in Rwanda. She has continued involvement with the sisters, include working with an orphans' village "My desire was to go to the mission field, and it became a reality. It was nice to be able to provide basic and concrete help". 

In 2001 she was asked to take on tasks related to crisis management in the Netherlands. She describes this time as a "radical but also beautiful period where God's mercy was visible". 

Looking back, she says: "I have had a very varied and interesting life with highs and lows, in which God's faithfulness remains the common thread." 

68-year-old Sr. Dorien is President of Abaja ba Kristo, a foundation that supports projects in Rwanda, and the Social Safety Net in Amerongen. She also accompanies people during Refresh weekends, for people who want to catch your breath. On April 26, 2014 the program received a medal. 

The always humble Sr. Dorien says: "I did what I had to do, but it is God who deserves the credit for it."

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