Monday, September 19, 2016

DOVE: Diakonia Overcoming Violence Experience

Please remember the delegates as they meet for the 2016 gathering of DOVE: Diakonia Overcoming Violence Experience, September 19-23, 2016 at Crieff Hills Conference Center, Punslinch (near Toronto), Ontario, Canada. 

This gathering builds an international team that will participate in a multicultural, hands-on, action-reflection experience related to overcoming violence in the world 

Participants promise to:
  • find ways to initiate action/reflection experiences in their own countries
  • write reflections to share with the group, their own community, and DOTAC (Diakonia
    of the Americas and Caribbean)
  • seek ways to provide leadership and develop networks to assist others in overcoming violence.

    Learning about... 
  • Overcoming Violence through Empowerment & Being a Strong Ally
  • Restorative Justice Approaches
  • Toxic & Healthy Masculinities
  • Advocating For & Empowering Sex Trade Workers
  • Residential Schools and Relationships with First Nations People

    DOTAC attempts to select three people from each region (Brazil, Caribbean, United States, and Canada) to attend. 

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