Friday, May 19, 2017

House of Compassion - New Zealand Anglicans Retreat School

This weekend I joined vocational Deacons in the Anglican Church in New Zealand for their annual Deacon school (photos here of Deacon school 2016). The venue is the House of Compassion just outside of Wellington in a large reserve.

The House of Compassion states its values in this way: 'Through our compassion, faith and integrity, we seek to bring dignity to the lives of the aged, the powerless and the poor', following the example of Jesus, and the legacy of Mother (Suzanne) Aubert, a Catholic nun.

'Jesus’ mission is our driving force. It gives life and shapes all that we are about in our service to the community. We place high value on every person being created by God. Everyone is unique and loved; every person having a basic right to life, respect and honour; the earth as our primary resource.

Ven Anne Russell-Brighty, Archdeacon for the Household of Deacons in the Diocese of Christchurch, is the co-ordinator. She has written and tutored the History of the Diaconate course for EITDS. Anne has also previously run a three year course for vocational deacons training in Christchurch. Anne has a background in community work and ministry to the elderly.

I met Anne after she visited Adelaide in October last year, and have enjoyed meeting other Anglican Deacons in New Zealand. (I read an article on theological insights into refugee policy, by Deacon Becky Heale). As well, some of the Methodist Deacons have been present for the first few days.

I have been asked to speak on the topic, 'The Story of Deacons worldwide and across denominations, DIAKONIA World Federation and DANZA.
Some of the Deacons of the Anglican and Methodist Churches

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