Sunday, May 2, 2021

Coronavirus expenses impacting health care expenses in Germany

The Board of Stiftung Kreuznacher Diakonie (one of the member institutions of the Kaiserswerth Association KWV) has criticised the injustices in the distribution of the Coronavirus premiums in an open letter. New laws and the corona pandemic are making health care expensive and those on public insurance are picking up the tab.

They write: The so-called Corona premiums of the past few months for people working in care were and are the right signals. But in practice, these premiums lead to massive injustices. This is partly due to the tariff structures to which such a large institution as the Kreuznacher diakonie Foundation is subject. To a large extent, however, is in the legal requirements for the distribution of state-funded premiums. This must change when new Corona premiums are decided and paid out. After all, the financial resources for the workers do not, or are, insufficiently, available to the people who bear the burden of the pandemic and make a decisive contribution to the disaster.

The letter calls on all political actors to ensure fairness in the distribution when deciding on further support measures and not to add further injustices.

Here's an article with more background information. 

(Coronavirus will continue to have an impact on financial matters, in many different ways, for many years to come and an added burden on vulnerable people). 

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