Monday, November 4, 2013

DIAKONIA - a living community

Pieter van Rijssell, immediate past Treasurer of DIAKONIA wrote about the way he followed up on the DIAKONIA World Assembly, using worship resources and stories. He posted the following on the DIAKONIA Facebook site:

On the 20th of October there was a so called Anders-dan-Anders service in our church. I belong to an open ecumenical community. This year they experiment with 7 services that were different than normal. After the Assembly I was invited to prepare the service. I used texts and songs of Berlin. Few people new anything about the history of deaconess work. At the end, we listened to the song of South Africa Siyahamba (here's the words and a sung version) and sang 'We are marching in the light of God'. We finished with the photo on the steps of the Berliner Dom at the end.

And now, they all now DIAKONIA is a living community.

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