Sunday, July 27, 2014

DIAKONIA Prayer Day (26th of each month)

On the 26th day of every month members of World DIAKONIA pray for each other.
You might like to pray for the DIAKONIA Executive Committee as it meets today in Kaiserswerth, and for members of the Executive.The program today is a visit around historic sites in Kaiserswerth connected with the work of Theodor Fleidner in establishing the Lutheran deaconess order in 1836.
You might like to pray for the three DIAKONIA Regions and the Regional Presidents - DIAKONIA Asia Pacific: President, Emma Cantor, DIAKONIA of the Americas and the Carribean; President, Lisa Polito, DIAKONIA Region Africa-Europe: President, Marianne Uri Ă˜verland. 
You might like to pray for particular situations in countries, and for diaconal ministry responding to need, often in very challenging circumstances.

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