Friday, March 24, 2017

Global morning prayers at DIAKONIA World Assembly

A new initiative at the 2017 DIAKONIA World Assembly is 'global morning prayers', led in language by delegates from a different country each morning. The idea is that other languages will be used in prayer, other than the main languages of the Assembly (English and German).

On the first morning (June 29), Oberin Rollaug Waaler (Bergen Diakonissehjem) will lead in Norwegian. On Friday June 30, the Evangelical Church of the Lutheran Confessions of Brazil will lead in Portugese. On Saturday, July 1st, the Order of Deaconesses of the Methodist Church in Nigeria will lead. On the Monday, July 3rd, Sr Ristua Sirait (IKADIWA, Indonesia) will lead the prayers. On Tuesday July 4th, the Fiji delegates will lead the morning prayer. This will be one (of many) highlights during the World Assembly.

What a marvellous way to catch a vision of the diversity within the DIAKONIA World Federation and the very many languages and cultures represented.

(Thanks to Jan Cherry who has been coordinating this part of the program, and to those who have agreed to give leadership to this new initiative in the program)

Fiji Deaconesses

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