Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Report of the Evangelical-Baptist church of Georgia 

(a member of DRAE - DIAKONIA Region of Africa and Europe)

The number of COVID-19 infected people has been increasing steadily and violently in Georgia since mid-October 2020. The hospitals are overcrowded and they can't take care of people anymore in hospitals. Many people have been left without work and are afraid of the future. 

The pandemic is particularly difficult for people with various diseases, who often have no money for medication, and for the elderly poor people who live alone. In such a difficult time, the International Humanitarian Charity Association “Beteli” received support (1,500 euros) from DIAKONIA World Federation on October, 2020 to help people in need with food parcels and medicines. 

At Beteli, St. Nino Diakonieorden works with stations in Tbilisi and in the regions. With the help of the deaconry sisters, we reached 40 poor people in need and provided them with food parcels and medicines. That was not only material help, but also good encouragement for them. 

On behalf of the International Humanitarian Charity Association “Beteli” we are very thankful to DIAKONIA World Federation for supporting the aid and support project for poor people in need and I hope that we can continue to work together in the field of helping poor people. 

Ilia Osephashvili

Bishop of Evangelical-Baptist church of Georgia

Representative of International Humanitarian Charity Association “Beteli”

Since the writing of this report, the number of cases has significantly declined in Georgia. Thankfully!! Even so, there have been 288,755 Coronavirus cases recorded, and 3,883 deaths.

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