Tuesday, April 13, 2021

T.E.L.C. Deaconess Board, Thanjavur 2020 newsletter

 'I will be with you to protect you and keep you safe'. Jeremiah 15.20

As per the above words, God of Immanuel is with us, protected from all dangers and disasters, and provided the basic needs to our orphan children, destitute women physically, mentally handicapped, old age and all sick people, helpers, co-workers and sisters of our Deaconess homes in these challenging, fearful and worried days. 

In these pandemic days, God safeguarded people in our Homes, and cared for us in hopeless situations. This year, when we were unable to go for Church programs for any income, and no sale of any of our products, God fed our people with more than enough for us. 

When we were unable to take our patients to hospital and to doctors, God strengthened the weak and sick. God gave courage when we were fearful. As per the Government instructions, all the inmates of our Homes went for a Corona check up. We also made Corona masks and sold them to our local churches and people in our area. 

When churches were closed our Witness Prayer House and Bethesda Chapel were opened and we continued the worship services and Friday fasting prayer interceded with many prayer points.

Very sad news that our former Administrative Mother of the Deaconess Board Ms Gunhild Stahle went to God's kingdom on 6th October in Sweden. We conducted a thanksgiving prayer service. 

On 10th November, the Deaconess trainee Nagomi was consecrated as Deaconess Sister by our Bishop Daniel Jeyaraj. The next day, on 123rd of our founder Mother Lydia Vedanayaham. We offered reception thanksgiving prayer for our new sister Nagomi. We also made and supplied stoles and girdles for the 16 new pastors. 

On 20th November we arranged and conducted a marriage for our Home grown up girl Mercy Nazrin, brought up from 6 months old. She studied graduate nursing and served at Bethesda Home. 

We also provided food commodities to children from poor families during the COVID pandemic. 

With Jesus love, we thank our donor friends and convey our loving greetings with prayer. 

Sr Grace Padma

Deaconess Mother

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