Friday, July 3, 2015

40 Deacons to be ordained as Deacons in the Church of England

On Saturday, 4th July, 40 women and men from the Diocese of London will be ordained as Deacons at St Paul's, London. The main part of the ceremony will see the Bishop of London, The Right Reverend Richard Chartres, lay his hands on the heads of the candidates, before they are each vested in a white stole symbolising the liturgical role of deacons in the Eucharist. Many of those ordained Deacons are 'transitional deacons' and will be ordained as priests in the future (all priests are firstly Deacons, and remain Deacons when ordained as a priest). Some will stay as 'distinctive' or 'permanent' Deacons, and some will serve as 'vocational Deacons' with secular employment.
Let us join the prayers of many for these 40 men and women to be ordained, and pray a blessing on their ongoing ministry.

DRAE Assembly 2015

The DIAKONIA Region Africa Europe (DRAE) Assembly has gathered in Kongshaug, Bergen. With more than 140 delegates from the UK, Scandinavia, Europe and Africa, this is a wonderful time for renewing friendships and making new connections, for sharing stories, engaging in learning, and for building community. Please hold the DRAE Assembly in your prayers this week. The input from guest speakers is being posted as PDF text files on the DRAE website.

Rev Sandy Boyce with the DRAE sign at the airport
Participants are being encouraged to knit, for a project in Estonia
the view from the venue at Kongshaug
The moon at 2am with a blue sky - summer in Norway!
Delegates at the opening gathering for DRAE Assembly 2015

Rev Sandy Boyce with African delegates - Ibironke, Joanna and Margaret
snow capped mountains in the distance