Friday, March 24, 2017

Global morning prayers at DIAKONIA World Assembly

A new initiative at the 2017 DIAKONIA World Assembly is 'global morning prayers', led in language by delegates from a different country each morning. The idea is that other languages will be used in prayer, other than the main languages of the Assembly (English and German).

On the first morning (June 29), Oberin Rollaug Waaler (Bergen Diakonissehjem) will lead in Norwegian. On Friday June 30, the Evangelical Church of the Lutheran Confessions of Brazil will lead in Portugese. On Saturday, July 1st, the Order of Deaconesses of the Methodist Church in Nigeria will lead. On the Monday, July 3rd, Sr Ristua Sirait (IKADIWA, Indonesia) will lead the prayers. On Tuesday July 4th, the Fiji delegates will lead the morning prayer. This will be one (of many) highlights during the World Assembly.

What a marvellous way to catch a vision of the diversity within the DIAKONIA World Federation and the very many languages and cultures represented.

(Thanks to Jan Cherry who has been coordinating this part of the program, and to those who have agreed to give leadership to this new initiative in the program)

Fiji Deaconesses

Congratulations to Terrtu Pohjolainen!

At the recent meeting of the Kaiserswerther Generalkonferenz (KGK) held in Berlin, Terrtu (from Finland) was elected as the new President. (Congratulations, Terttu!) She brings a variety of diaconal experiences to the office of President, including her work with the Diakonian Institute of Lahti and as Managing Director of Kaarisilta, a facility for children and young people with disabilities. She has previously served as vice-president of the KGK. Terrtu is pictured below with other office bearers - Oberin Rollaug Waaler (from Norway) and Sr. Diakonisse Anke Frickmann. Together, they will provide leadership for the Presidium of the KGK. (Congratulations also to Anke and to Rollaug).

The worldwide Kaiserswerther General Conference is a network of more than 100 diaconal institutions, diaconal houses, diaconic communities and deaconesses from Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa.

At its recent meeting, planning took place for the 43rd General Conference in Bethel in 2018 as well as the planned tour to New York City in autumn 2017. It is anticipated this tour will provide insights into the American health care system by visiting various hospitals, public nursing homes, training centres and historical places of health care, including visits to the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Centre, the NYU Lutheran Medical Centre and the Blythedal Children's Hospital founded in 1883 by a Norwegian deaconess.

The Presidium of the KGK is made up of: Diakonisse Terttu Pohjolainen (FI), Oberin Rollaug Waaler (NO), Director Marek Londzin (PL), Sister Melinda L. Lando (North America), Stiftspropst Jürgen Stobbe (D-Nord), Ltd. Sister Diakonisse Anke Frickmann (D-West), Ltd. Sr. Roswitha Buff (D-South), Personnel Committee / Dr. Gundula Grießmann (D-Ost), authorized officer Karsten Stüber (D-Ost), Theol. Executive Board Rev. Klaus Riesenbeck (D-West), Rector Pastor Annette Goll (F), Superior Sr. Merete Pelle Poulsen (DK), Vice- Ltd. Sr. Vilma Linda Reinar (BR), Pastor Christa Schrauf (AT), KR Dr. Christine-Rutmüller (Secretary General).