Saturday, September 28, 2013

A prayer for the invisible

This prayer seems so appropriate for diaconal ministry agents.......

A Prayer for the Invisible

Unseen behind the screen of our million dollar media entertainment are the millions of unnoticed suffering people on our planet..
Unseen behind the vast connections of social media are the lonely and marginalised.
Unseen behind the booming tourist industry are the millions of displaced people - refugees and asylum seekers.
Unseen behind the grandness of our courts and legal systems are those in places who hunger for justice.
Unseen behind our medical system are those who can't access adequate health care.
Unseen behind our towering economies and commercial enterprises are those who labour in sweat shops or in servitude.
Unseen behind our global trade endeavours are those who are trafficked.
Unseen behind the civilised veneer of our society are the forgotten, neglected, and ignored.

Invisible God,
Who works behind the scenes of our world,
We pray for those who seem invisible in our communities; our society, and our world.
Help us to look for the unseen .
Help us to glimpse the extent of their suffering
Help us to view their plight with compassion.
Help us to see what we can do to help
Help us to have vision for how we can change things for the better in the world.
Help us envisage your Kingdom and our role in its coming.
In Christ's name, may this be so.

Jon Humphries

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