Tuesday, February 18, 2014

DRAE meeting

Rev Ann Wren, DACE President
DRAE President Rev Marianne Uri Øverlandand
DRAE (DIAKONIA Region of Africa and Europe) is one of three regional groups of the DIAKONIA World Federation. The DRAE Executive meets this week. Please hold the members of the Executive in your prayers, and especially DRAE President Rev Marianne Uri Øverlandand. Also, please hold Ann Wren and her team of helpers in your prayers. Ann is hosting the meeting in her Parish in Blackpool. She was recently elected President of DACE (Diaconal Association of the Church of England) for a three year term, with Pat Wright elected to serve as Vice-President.

A prayer for gathering
Lord of our days,
we come to you as many and as one.
With many histories and one history,
with many tomorrows and one tomorrow,
with many ministries and one ministry.
Call us together in faith;
trusting that where we are now
is where you would have us be.
Knowing, deep down
and despite our confusion,
that all is well
and all manner of things shall be well.
Call us together in hope;
believing that there is a new day for the world.
Stir us into action,
that we may be participants
in bringing good news to bear on a troubled creation.
Call us together in love;
embracing the different steps in our common journey
so that, together,
we may be a sign and symbol
of your active presence int he world.
Lord of our days,
we come as many and as one.
Called together by you
in faith, hope and love,
we commit ourselves to ministry
and look towards tomorrow. Amen.
(Rev Leanne Jenski, Rev Deac Susan Wickham, from Singing while it is still dark)

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