Thursday, January 3, 2019

New Year - welcome to 2019

God the eternal rock is with us,
From year’s beginning to its end,
In hard times and in good,
God is with us from year’s beginning to its end.
God almighty is faithful,
Present in each day and every moment,
Drawing close in every act and deed,
God is faithful through all eternity.
God is trustworthy,
Yesterday, today and forever,
Sustaining, enlivening, making all things new,
God the eternal rock is with us this day and evermore.
(Source: Ray Simpson, from ‘Celtic Blessings’)

Let us continue to uphold each other in the joys and sorrows, celebrations and disappointments. In all things, God is with us, sustaining and empowering us to share in God's ministry and mission in the world. 

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