Sunday, November 1, 2020

WCC Ecumenical Prayer Cycle - Fiji (1-7 November 2020)

The World Council of Churches Ecumenical Prayer Cycle focus is on Fiji (and many other oceania nations), 1-7 November. 

Our member association is the Methodist Deaconess Order, Methodist Church in Fiji. 

Deaconess Meresiana Sadrata is the Regional President of DIAKONIA Asia Pacific, and a member of the DIAKONIA World Executive Committee. 

Deaconess Meresiana Sadrata

The Fiji Methodist Deaconesses' hosted the DAP regional assembly in 2019 in Nadi, Fiji. A very special time, with participants from Fiji, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, and New Zealand (and the U.S. and Germany). 

Participants at DAP Regional Assembly, 2019

Consider incorporating prayers from other countries into your church services

WCC Intercessions

We are thankful for:

* the amazing diversity of people and cultures living on the islands of Oceania

* the magnificent natural scenery and sea life

* the strong, faithful presence of churches in these lands

* the stories and bold witness to the impact of climate change, reminding the rest of the world that we are all in the same ‘boat’ on this planet, 70% of which is covered by the ocean.

We pray for:

* efforts to preserve these island nations in the midst of rising seas

* those adversely affected by earthquakes, volcanoes and cyclones

* those dealing with the legacy of past nuclear weapons testing and with garbage dumping today

* good governance – especially in preserving indigenous cultures –which effectively serves those who are impoverished, hungry, lacking education or unable to make a living.

Prayer of confession and intercession 

Creator God, God of the oceans, God of the land and all that is within it: 

You created this world with the power of your word.

You formed humankind with your own hands, and breathed your own breath into us.

You gave us these lands as a gift - a source of our identity and sustenance.

you empowered us to be the stewards of what you have made. 

Loving God, 

we have failed you and abused the gift you have given us.

We have offended you and defiled what you have made.

Forgive us for betraying your trust.

Forgive us for our greed and arrogance.

Forgive us for what we have done to your earth.

Forgive us for what we have done to your oceans.

Forgive us for what we have done to your creatures,

on the land, in the sky and in the depths.

Hear, O God of Compassion:

The cries of the land have become a desert; land laid barren through corrupt

agricultural practices, pollution, mining and deforestation.

The cries of islands are drowning in the rising seas, 

oceans that rise with the melting of the ice.

The cries of distress from Mother Earth- storm and drought.

God of Life,

heal your wounded earth. Empower us to choose the road that leads to life.

Guide us in the paths of righteousness for your name’s sake

So that we may experience once again your Shalom in the land and in the sea.

This we ask in the name of the one who came that we way have life in

abundance, your Son, our Saviour Jesus the Christ. Amen.

(©2012 Rev. James Bhagwan, Fiji)

Loving God, provide a voice for our struggles.

Provide extra paddles to bring us together.

Grant peace to our hearts, our ears and our eyes

to forgive and to love our neighbours and our enemies.

O Lord, give us a chance to redeem the Fonua*

and to reclaim paradise.

* "land and people" in Tongan language

(© Rev. Valamotu Palu, general secretary, Pacific Council of Churches, Suva, Fiji)

O God, save our shores from the weapons of death,

our lands from the things that deny our young ones love and freedom.

Let the seas of the Pacific Ocean carry messages of peace and goodwill.

Turn away from our midst any unkind and brutal practices.

Let each child swim and breathe the fresh air

that is filled by the Holy Spirit.

O Lord Jesus, bless all who are makers of that inner peace

that breaks down the barriers of hatred,

and unite us with the open arms of your cross,

that all the peoples of the world may live happily together.

(Prayer by Amanuka Havea, Tonga, published in Your Will Be Done © Christian Conference of Asia Youth, Hong Kong, 1984)

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