Friday, June 4, 2021

DIAKONIA World Federation Executive and other Committees

 It's been a busy few months for the DIAKONIA World Executive. 

The DIAKONIA World Federation Executive Committee now meets regularly via Zoom instead of once a year face to face. And a number of new committees have been set up in the last few months. 

Upcoming meetings in June include (the two dates indicate that members of the Committees live in many times zones around the world)

DIAKONIA Communications Committee on Friday 4/Saturday 5

Ad hoc meeting of a few of the DIAKONIA Executive Committee to discuss possible timing for the next World Assembly - Monday 7/Tuesday 8

DIAKONIA Justice Committee 22nd June

DIAKONIA Membership Committee Friday 25 June/26 June

DIAKONIA Executive Committee 29 June/30 June

(there may be meetings of other Committees - these are a few)

The DIAKAID Committee has been discussing DIAKAIDS grants that may be available in the future. 

We appreciate your prayers as we continue to give intentional attention to diverse foci, and to be intentionally inclusive of a wider range of people in our member associations. 

DWF Committees - membership (updated June 2021)

Volunteers Committee

Ted Dodd ex-officio DWF EC

Lisa Polito DOTAC

Sandy Boyce DAP (at invitation of DAP President)

Gwynne Lawlor DRAE

Communications Committee membership

Quinton De Beer (chair) DRAE 

Sophia Agtarap DOTAC

Mandy Herriman DAP

Sandy Boyce ex officio DWF EC, & the President’s Blog

Jan Cherry, ex officio DWF EC, & editor of the DWF Enews

Sara Manning ex officio web minder/manager

DIAKAID Committee membership

Joy Prim         DOTAC 

Shulamith Nonimba MosheshDRAE

Dawn Livingston DOTAC

Christa Megaw ex officio DWF EC

Ronke Oworu ex officio DWF EC

Thorsten Walter ex officio DIAKONEO RLF

Membership Connections Committee membership

Megan Ross DOTAC                         USA

Joan Jones DRAE                            South Africa

Meresiana Serata-Kuricava ex officio DWF EC       Fiji

Sandy Boyce ex officio DWF EC      

Social Justice Committee membership

Eric Tusz-King DOTAC                Canada

Megan Hale         DOTAC                USA

Sophie Lizares         DAP               Australia

Emma Cantor         DAP                      Philippines

Leah Wandera (Kenya)         DRAE                   USA/Kenya

Gwynne Lawlor         ex officio, Volunteers Committee (South Africa)

Dionata Rodrigues de Oliveira       DOTAC                Brazil

Sandy Boyce         ex-officio DWF EC

Donor Development Committee membership

Martin Vogler DRAE    

Caryn Douglas DOTAC

Lindsay Fertig-Johnson DOTAC

Thorsten Walter Ex officio RFL Diakoneo 

Finance Committee membership

Katie Croft Lubock DOTAC

Sr Elisabeth Meier Ex officio DWF

Gordon Pennykid Ex officio Treasurer

Thorsten Walter Ex officio as RFL Diakoneo

Upcoming Committees to be formed later in 2021

Diaconal Formation Committee membership

New Member Communities membership

Theology of Diakonia membership

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