Saturday, July 17, 2021

Floods in Europe

No doubt you've seen the news of the devastation of the 'once in a century' floods in western Europe The floods have been fuelled by days of heavy rain, leaving thousands homeless after their dwellings were destroyed or deemed to be at risk. Elected officials are concerned about the lingering economic effects from lost homes and businesses. Elsewhere in Europe, dikes on swollen rivers are at risk of collapsing, and crews have raced to reinforce flood barriers. In one flooded German town, the ground collapsed under family homes. In another, floodwaters swept through an assisted living centre, killing 12. The number of dead has passed 125 and the search continues for hundreds of missing people. 

We are particularly mindful of the safety of Deaconess communities in Europe, and grateful for their willingness to help where possible. Please remember them in your prayers. 

We pray too for the rescuers facing such a huge task. 

This prayer by Maren Tirabassi

God who always walks across water, 
come to the people of Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands. 
Tenderly reach out a hand
for those who grieve
so that they do not sink.

Get into the small boats of fear
of those who wait for 1300 missing.

Become the shoreline of hope
for those who work through the night
rescuing, searching,
providing shelter, food,
fresh water, medical supplies.

For those in evacuation shelters
give peace-be-still to anxiety,
and grow faith large enough
to find a sun in tomorrow. 

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