Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Full DIAKONIA Executive meets in Dusseldorf

The full DIAKONIA Executive has been meeting for the last few days in Dusseldorf. It has been a very full meeting, with lots of discussion and decisions. Our last day today (28th July).

From left to right: Gillian Wilson (DOTAC), Laura Lazar (Treasurer), Alison McRae (DAP), Emma Cantor (President, DAP), Marianne Uri Ă˜verland (President, DRAE), Sr Elly Urio (DRAE), Lisa Polito (President, DOTAC), Sandy Boyce (President, DIAKONIA), Sabine Ritter (DRAE), Ann Wren (DRAE) Ulrike Kellner (DRAE), Traude Leitenberger (Secretary), Diane Kaufmann (Web manager)

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