Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fiji concludes golden jubilee celebrations with ordinations

Great to follow the celebrations of the Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma. The golden jubilee celebrations 50 years of independence from the Methodist Church of Australasia. It has concluded with ordinations of ministers and a deaconess, Asena Senimoli. She is married to a Methodist Minister. After the ordination, the Deaconesses gathered at her home for a celebration meal which she and her husband, friends and family hosted. We wish her every blessing for her ministry.
There are photos of the ordination on Facebook, and I've added three below. It's lovely that Rev Deac Marion Gledhill (Australia) was also able to join the celebrations.
You may be interested to know about Nae Tabe, a new publication of the Methodist church in Fiji. The name, Nae Tabe, refers to a serving plate or leaf on which food is served to guests, and is indicative of the renewed focus of being a servant, mission-focussed church.
This first edition includes a feature about deaconesses on Page 5. I was interested to read the following:
'The time has come for the Vada ni Turaga - the 'servants' or 'messengers of the Lord' - to begin to make a difference in new areas of the community through specialised ministries such as children's ministry, providing care for the aged, and hospital ministry. Issues such as child abuse, violence against women, poverty and other current issues, including the impact of media in society all point the way for the re-envisioning of the role of the Deaconess Order'.

Deaconess ordination service

Deaconesses singing during the ordination service

newly ordained Ministers and Deaconess

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