Friday, August 29, 2014

Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma

Deaconess Meresiana
PictureThe Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma has been meeting for the annual conference, the Golden Jubilee celebration, in the last week of August and it is great news that Deaconess Salanieta Naucabalavu has been appointed to continue as Secretary for Methodist Women’s Fellowship.
Some of it has been streamed live - though I don't understand the language, it's great to tune into from time to time to get a feel of what is happening. Every so often English is used so it's possible to get the gist of what people are speaking about.

It is great that the church has been able to meet in this way. Those who were at the Atlanta Assembly will remember the news that the church had forbidden to meet by the military government. 

Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma 2014 Conference

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