Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Deacon ordinands in Methodist Church, Southern Africa

This coming Sunday, 21st September, five Deacon ordinands will be ordained. Please hold them in your prayers as they make their preparations. They will attend the final ordination retreat from Wednesday 17th September, and will appear before the Methodist Conference on Saturday 20th September to be received into full Connexion, before their ordination on Sunday.

The Deacon Ordinands are:
Richard Gwabeni
Talente Mngxali
Phina Njuze
Sheila Songelwa
Wendi Tiedt

Rev (Deac) Dr Vernon van Wyk, Warden of the Order of Deacons, writes: 'It will be wonderful if our colleagues world-wide will bless them with their prayers'. Please uphold these 5 Deacon ordinands in prayer.

The MCSA outlines the role of the Deacon in this way:
Deacons seek to be Christ's servants in the world and encourage the Church community to a ministry of servanthood. Deacons remind the Church of Christ's love for the poor and oppressed and strive to share Christ's love through service. They seek to help the Church respond to the needs of the wider community and may be engaged in work outside of the gathered worshipping community where they pioneer relevant ministry. Deacons are primarily enablers and encouragers and also help to grow church members in undertaking aspects of ministry within the local context.

Rev Dr Bill Loader offered these words in the 'charge' to a Deacon:

We have not ordained you to a life of faith and work,
for that is the life of Christ in all the baptised;
We have not ordained you to become engaged in the struggles for justice,
that light may shine in darkness,
for we are all to pray, 'Your kingdom come!'
We have not ordained you to hold the hand of the needy,
sit with the dying, weep with the bereaved,
for the Spirit everywhere urges the fruits of compassion.
You will do all these things.
We have ordained you
to lead the people of God in caring service,
to equip the people of God for their ministries,
to enable the people of God to discern the spirits of injustice and oppression.
We have ordained you to sound the trumpet of jubilee in the world.
We have ordained you as a Deacon in the Church of God.
Deacon ordinand Phina Njuze
Deacon ordinand Wendi Tiedt leading worship at Hillcrest Methodist Church

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