Saturday, December 6, 2014

Yet another super typhoon bears down on the Philippines

 Hagupit: Infrared Satellite

Emma Cantor, DAP Regional President, writes:  In such a time like this... where and when Filipinos are bracing for another horrendous typhoon named Hagupit...we need prayers that this would slowly weaken and would not devastate any creation...and Yolanda will never be repeated again....
 "Because we become part of it.. The herbs, the fire tree, I become part of it. The morning mists, the clouds, the gathering, waters, I become part of it. The wilderness, the dew drops, the pollen, I become part of it."

Please pray for the people, and those providing emergency relief and shelter. Among the areas at risk is Tacloban, a city devastated by Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) just 13 months ago. The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) had declared Hagupit a "violent" typhoon, the highest classification on its scale, with 10-minute sustained winds of 130 mph and gusts to 190 mph - the highest wind speeds of 2014 in JMA's bulletins. Hagupit has since been downgraded to a "very strong" typhoon on JMA's scale with winds of 115 mph and gusts to 160 mph. Public storm warning signals have been issued for 36 geographic areas, spanning from southeastern portions of Luzon (the main northern island) through the Visayas (central Philippines) and northeastern parts of Mindanao (the main southern island).
The Philippines lives with great sorrow, including the deaths over the past 10 years from six separate tropical cyclones that have claimed lives in the Philippines, including:
- Haiyan/Yolanda Nov. 2013: Over 7,300 killed
- Bopha/Pablo Dec. 2012: 1,901 killed
- Washi/Sendong Dec. 2011: 1,268 killed
- Fengshen/Frank Jun. 2008: 1,410 killed
- Durian/Reming Nov./Dec. 2006: 1,399 killed
- Winnie Nov. 2004: 1,593 killed

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