Tuesday, April 28, 2015

prayers for Nepal

It is devastating to see the impact of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal, including the avalanche on Mt Everest. Rich Melheim (ELCA) has close connections with projects in Nepal and has asked for prayers for his friend Mochery who is on the Nepali border, and the 200 kids he's been tutoring with the RICH Learning experimental schools. Rich spent 7 weeks training Mochery, then he went to the Nepal border and started 4 of our experimental incubator schools with slum kids. Rich has been back in India with him twice to help him get started. Now he's waiting and hoping to hear if the kids are safe. Check out this youtube clip of the children's enthusiastic learning here

You might be interested in some of the prayers I've collated here for times of natural disasters that can be easily adapted for a particular context. 

God of compassion,
You created a world for us
to know your love and peace.
Yet amidst the beauty of creation we encounter pain and hurt
and forces beyond our control.
At times like this our hearts are shaken and ache with sorrow
at the destruction of lives, homes and livelihoods.
Hear our prayers for those affected
by the disaster and for all those working
to bring relief and fresh hope. Amen. (adapted from a prayer by )

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