Saturday, December 19, 2015

Ministry with the Deaf: Methodist Church in NZ

Sandra Gibbons has been ordained as a Deacon in the Methodist Church of New Zealand. She is serving in ministry with the Auckland Deaf Christian Fellowship (ADCF), where she conducts worship, and provides pastoral care for the congregation.
She had previously worked with ADCF as a layperson for a year and then realised she could better serve the congregation if she was ordained. She continued her ministry as a chaplain, until her ordination.
"I saw that it was terribly important for the Deaf people to receive the sacraments and be married and buried in their own language rather than through English interpreted to them. Language is a very deep issue for the Deaf community. For them, English is a second language. Everyone has a right to be taught in their own language. It is about identity and who you will become in the world.
Read more here: 'Ministry with the Deaf'; 'Hearing the Word of God through Deaf ears', 'Share God's Love'.
Blessings for your ongoing ministry, Sandra!

Ordination service for Sandra Gibbons
Rev Sandra Gibbons serving communion
Deacons in the Methodist Church of NZ 

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