Saturday, March 1, 2014

Denise Champion and the Aboriginal Congress


Denise Champion (standing, centre, in blue/black top) is a Deacon candidate in the Uniting Church in Australia, and provides significant leadership with the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC) in South Australia. Currently she is working on 'A Destiny Together', a week of prayer and fasting with a focus on justice for First Peoples. It is an initiative of the National Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia.
The week, set down for 17-23 March 2014, will include a public prayer vigil outside Parliament House in Canberra, to be held on Tuesday 18 March and to be led by the UAICC Chairperson and the Uniting Church President. It is hoped that many Uniting Church members will come to Canberra to be a part of this historic public witness to justice and reconciliation.
The heart of the week will be a nationwide movement of Uniting Church individuals, small groups and congregations exercising a daily practice of prayer and fasting.


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