Saturday, March 1, 2014

Prayer letter from Sr Doris Horn

Doris Horn continues to be faithful in preparing prayer letters and sending them out to the world DIAKONIA community. Her last prayer letter included news from Kenya, South Korea and Cameroon. Please inform Doris if you would like to receive an email of her monthly prayer letters, or check out World DIAKONIA on the web, where Doris posts updates.

Abbot of Diakonia Sisterhood in Korea (Sister. Ree, Youngsook) writes:
The mother house of Korea Diakonia Sisterhood is expected to move from Cheonan into Mokpo city around next summer. We would appreciate if you wait and pray for us in order that we are able to take our place and work on again in Mokpo city.

Cameroon: from a letter by Sr. Shalom Kiven, Prioress, Bafut
The Agape program is a project Sr. Judith conceived when she was still the prioress. The aim is to reach persons with special needs in their desperate conditions and give them hope by either encouraging them to sit up for God loves and cares for them, to encourage family members to take care of them by keeping them in clean hygienic conditions, and to offer them what ever help we are able to offer; for example: provide their medications, material needs etc. Where
necessary and possible some of them will be brought to our handicapped center at Akum for training in craft work.

Kenya: Email from Judith Evunzu Nyaata
Thank you very much for your timely letters and prayers especially during the hard times of terror attack in the Mall Nairobi, Kenya. God will not forget His people and He will keep on taking charge of each incident even the tough ones.
I am project Coordinator for ELCK Say No to FGM ( female genital mutilation) since 2008. The objectives of the project is to empower girls and women through seminars, creating awareness and advocacy. This is a pilot program which started addressing the issue beginning with Pokot community in Kenya where the traditional practice of female genital mutilation in more prevalent. The intention of the project is to work among the communities in Kenya who practice the same.

Please remember the work of these diaconal communities in your prayers. 

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