Saturday, March 1, 2014

World Day of Prayer

I had a rehearsal yesterday for the World Day of Prayer service hosted by the city church where I am in ministry. The World Day of Prayer liturgy this year, Streams in the Desert, has been prepared by the World Day of Prayer committee in Egypt. We rejoice in the ecumenical partnership of the churches in Egypt in this project, and know that around the world many thousands of people will gather for prayer, and bring to mind the church in Egypt and the challenges facing the country.

In particular, I am mindful of our diaconal sisters in Egypt, The Daughters of St. Mary Convent in Beni Souef, founded in In the 1960s by Bishop Athanasius as an order of serving nuns who play a role in various social projects in the community. They are committed to the service of the neediest and most marginalised people in society, irrespective of gender and religion. These include garbage collectors, the mentally handicapped and abused women. There is a refuge for women facing personal hardship and severe marital problems -- it is one of the few women's shelters available in Egypt. (Fascinating article here about expressions of diaconia in the church in Egypt).
Please remember the Daughters of St Mary Convent in your prayers.

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