Saturday, May 24, 2014

KAIRE: Pilgrims with a burning heart

KAIRE comes to Minsteracres

Kaire is an ecumenical body related to DIAKONIA, and meets every two or three years. 
This year, a group of 41 nuns, deaconesses and an ordained Anglican minister of every Christian denomination came together at Minsteracres in May for their three-yearly meeting. Following on from their recent meetings in Italy, Germany and Switzerland, the north east of England was chosen as the cradle of British Christianity.
Meaning rejoice (it was the first word of the angel’s greeting to Mary: “Rejoice so highly favoured. The Lord is with you”), Kaire is an inter-confessional group of people in monastic, diaconal or active service in their church, who are moved by the Spirit to a conversion to prayer, to one another and to unity.
Many of the women are superiors in Anglican, Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant communities, and come together as a group to maintain a dynamic between the structures of the church and the spiritual life by prayer, study and friendship.
The aim of the meeting, with this year’s theme ‘Pilgrims with a burning heart’, is to be a focus of communion to discover again the thing which is at the heart of their vocations; to encourage an ecumenical and spiritual experience in the service of humankind; and to be a ferment in society in the discernment of church unity.
“What characterises us all is longing for reconciliation and renewed communion in the Church and among the churches,” explains Sr Alice Reuter, secretary to the group.
Their approach certainly struck a chord with Sr Therese O’Regan, one of Minsteracres’ community, “I’m thrilled to meet this group for the first time,” she said. “In their living witness of church unity they represent what I aspire to as a woman in the church.”
 Source: Minsteracres

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