Friday, May 9, 2014

Methodist Diaconal Convocation (UK) 2014

The Methodist Diaconal Order Convocation (UK) has meeting, May 6-8th. On the final day of their annual Convocation Methodist Deacons plan to take part in an act of rededication. Here is one section of the liturgy:

Let us give thanks to God for the privilege of this ministry to which we have been called, within the fellowship of the Order:
For Gods sovereign love promising to make all things new;
for the good news of Jesus Christ crucified and risen for all the world;
for his abundant grace, our example and hope;
for the power of the Holy Spirit at work in the people of God and for the church which has nourished and sustained us;
for the call which we heard and the ways in which it has since been renewed;
for the power of Christs gospel to search us out and reclaim us when we have lost the way;
for the ways in which God has sustained us in times of doubt and difficulty and enabled us to learn from weakness and failure;
for the joy of serving others in the name of Christ;
for the privilege of sharing in the pilgrimage of faith and the ministry of others;
for what we have received from those we sought to serve.

The 2013 Convocation received this report, which raised a number of issues including appointments for Deacons. 'As the number of Deacons available for stationing continues to rise, and as many circuits seek to consolidate staff teams as they engage with the Regrouping for Mission process, and the effects of the current economic climate which has forced many circuits to close existing diaconal appointments. The situation is serious and it is likely that up to 30 new appointments will need to be created if all the Deacons available for September 2014 are to be matched with circuits. The number of Deacons married to Presbyters continues to rise. This brings another dynamic into the stationing process'.

It is wonderful that the Warden of Deacons in the Methodist Church of Southern Africa, Vernon Van Wyk, has been able to be present at the 2014 Convocation.

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