Friday, May 1, 2015

Diakonia Sisterhood in South Korea -

Diakonia Sisterhood in South Korea formed on May 1, 1980
 Today is May 1st, and a day to remember the 35th anniversary of the Diakonia Sisterhood in South Korea which was formed on May 1, 1980.
The Diakonia Sisterhood is an inspiring group of women committed to the welfare of people in their community. I remember a short visit I was able to make to Mok-po in 2013 to visit the community and found it to be absolutely inspiring. Some of the history of the sisterhood is written up here

Please remember in your prayers Sister Young-Sook Ree, Director of Diakonia Sisterhood in Korea, and the community of Diakonia Sisterhood.

Aged care in Mok-po

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