Saturday, May 9, 2015

news from Association for Episcopal Deacons (USA)

“Diaconal leadership is willing to know the world deeply enough to be able to interpret it.”
Susanne Watson Epting

A Farewell to Archdeacon Jo Weber on her retirement

Archdeacon Jo Weber
In the words of Rod Dougliss:
"The Ven. Claudia Jo Weber graduated from The School for Deacons with the Class of 2002. She was ordained in the Diocese of El Camino Real and has served there in St. Luke’s, Los Gatos and St. Luke’s, Atascadero. She was named Archdeacon for Deacons by Bishop Mary Gray Reeves and continues to be active and involved at the diocesan level. Jo has worked in The School for Deacons office, helping to bring order out of various forms of chaos and, thence, succeeded her spouse, The Rev. Mary Morrison as instructor of Prayer Book Studies I & II, and the first year Liturgical Practicum I. She then evolved the position of Dean of Chapel—taking a lot of responsibility for the “liturgy laboratory” dimensions of our common worship life in the School for Deacons community.
A long the way, she added the responsibilities of Membership Director of the Association for Episcopal Deacons. As such she maintained and kept as accurate as humanly possible the only  comprehensive database for deacons in The Episcopal Church.
We will miss Jo in countless ways. Her insistence on the integrity of the Anglican tradition and specifically The Episcopal Church at worship has given generations of students a firm foundation on which they can confidently be flexible, and confident and competent in the liturgical tradition and practice of any Episcopal congregation.
One of the dean’s favorite quotes is, when noting that the Deacon is not primarily a liturgical person, Jo notes, “but if you are a doofus at the altar who will be willing to follow you into the scary places of diaconal ministry?”

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