Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Lutheran Diaconal Association Student Seminar

The Lutheran Diaconal Association’s weeklong Student Seminar launched on Zoom at the beginning of March – complete with a virtual chapel, student-designed sacred spaces, and a process to increase resiliency in times of stress. 

Students gathered around the theme of Wholeness for All Creation: Leadership and Presence in an Uneasy World. In that context, they dug deep into two LDA Hallmarks: Flexibility/Adaptability and Prophetic Voice. 

“We want our students to more actively live into our Theological Touchstone and Hallmarks during their formation experience," note Deaconesses Deb Lennox and Valerie Webdell, LDA Co-Directors of Education and Formation. 

Presentations, worship and storytelling  kept everyone glued to their computers.  We are so grateful that Representatives from DOTAC and DIAKONIA shared with our students the origins of their diaconate, the abiding friendship and prayer support that spring from their relationships, and “pivot points” in their ministry. 

A day by day description and photos are on the LDA Facebook page. 

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