Tuesday, April 13, 2021

St. Kitts Epworth Maurice Hillier School Sick Bay Project


Operation of the Sick Bay 


Report of the Wesley Diaconal Community (MCCA) Project Response to the Corona Virus Pandemic (COVID -19) 


Preamble: In order for schools to reopen in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, COVID-19 protocols, stipulated by the Government, had to be met. 

Thankfully, Epworth Maurice Hillier Memorial Junior School met the requirements and was given approval to reopen. 

Action: School reopened on Monday, September 7, 2020 with Grades Kindergarten, 1 and 6 attending for the entire day, while Grades 2-5 were placed on a Shift System. 

The Reading Room was designated as the Sick Bay. An Assistant Teacher was assigned to work with the Deacon and Principal of the School in ensuring that the Sick Bay was kept in the best condition. Thanks to Ms. Kiemone Amory who maintained the room on a daily basis. 

While waiting for the funds from DIAKAID, the Sick Bay was basically stocked with hand soap, rubbing alcohol and towelets. Having received the funds, the remaining supplies have been purchased including bandages, hand sanitisers and bottles, antibiotics dressings, disposable gloves, disinfectant surface wipes, pillows, blankets, a storage case, a logbook, a bin and a couch. 

The maintenance of the Sickbay is ongoing. 

Operation for Term 1: In the past school term, September–December 2020, there were a few minor bruises which were treated by a First Aid Trained Teacher. It is the intent that training in First Aid will be pursued in the coming term for teachers. 


Now that most of the items are in place, the Bay will be in full operation next school term. 


Financials: The total amount of funds expended so far is USD 780.00. The remainder will be used to purchase additional supplies and possibly for the training of the Sick Bay Staff. 


The Board of Management expresses heartfelt gratitude to the Diakonia World Federation for the assistance in the establishment of th Epworth Maurice Hillier Memorial Junior School “Safe School, Save the Sick” project.  


Reported by Rev. Stacia Williams-Christmas December 23, 2020

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